What are we rushing to?

We rush from the constant stream of emails, to reading feeds, checking notifications, watching videos (clips), sharing them, clicking photos, and checking emails that notify us about reactions what we shared. Why are we hurriedly sprinting through life like there is no tomorrow? Why are we consuming unfiltered media at a rate faster than ever before? Simply because it is available? Why do we share & consume a lot more than we create?

What happened to the days when we sat back & reflected on our thoughts, actions & feelings? When we wrote thoughts, essays & poems during random pondering. We ‘created’ them, didn’t we?

Well, this blog is my attempt at bringing those contemplative times back & creating something (be it a trivial blog post) instead of just being guilty of aforementioned mindless consumption.


One thought on “What are we rushing to?

  1. It is good to know you started writing. They say writing blogs, diaries and etc is a good habit. Lends you with creative freedom and it heals as well.

    There are people who still enjoy the small small moments like the ones you mentioned above. I have maintained all the small and big little notes i sued to write fro childhood! Its great to read them on one fine day, and realize how you grew up. All those fantasies inked in them, all those wishes and cute little poems along with the useless efforts to make them rhyme 😀

    Wishes with you, keep writing 🙂

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